Urban One’s Development Management Services include:

  • Financial Support – assist in the identification of various forms of traditional and non-traditional financing sources and then help evaluate and analyze each of the options. Emphasis here is placed upon modeling each of the different options to maximize financial returns.
  • Feasibility Studies – preparation of comprehensive feasibility reports that include market research, detailed financial analysis, entitlement summaries, and justification for go/no go decisions. These reports are often used for decision making and reporting to various partners such as equity, banks, and appraisers.
  • Pro Forma & Budget Development – creating and constant modification of the project proforma and development budget is a specialty of Urban One. Our principals came out of the finance side of the business and have the ability to succinctly evaluate the financial merits of even the most complicated development projects and give clients working models for continued use.
  • Entitlements & Master Planning – complete project management of the complicated entitlement process which includes not only entitlement research and evaluation, but integrated leadership of the various parties involved in the entitlement process, such as land use attorneys, architects, City staff, and project partners. Urban One is particularly unique in its ability to transfer the entitlement information to the proforma analysis and create land use plans that best balance the goals and objectives of its clients.
  • Implementation – full service development management for clients which seek to hand off the development related activities. Tasks include overall project and team coordination, investor and client reporting, and complex decision making authority on behalf of clients as a fiduciary.
  • Approvals & Permits – aid in the interaction with City departmental staff and various design team professionals to adequately secure the necessary project approvals and permits. Often we find that project manager intervention is needed to facilitate the timely coordination of approvals with the City and that the design team alone might not have all the information or urgency to go it alone.
  • Design Team Selection – assist in the sourcing and evaluation of the critical team members for each development project. Process can include creation of a full RFP period for selection or just leveraging the deep relationships of the Urban One partners to create a design team capable of implementing the project’s goals and objectives.
  • Sales & Marketing Support – identification of competent and appropriate sales team and strategies to be used for the project. Particular importance is placed upon helping the client devise a sales / marketing strategy which helps the project differentiate itself from the competition and attract the right type of customer to the sales team.
  • Lease Analysis – detailed abstracting and reporting of in-place and proposed lease documents. Identification of major deal points and lease clauses which impact the financial results and flexibility of the project is an important component of lease analysis.
  • Cash Flow Management – in conjunction with budgetary management, Urban One is capable of managing the cash flow and draw schedules for a project. This service can range from general oversight and direction as to timing the cash with request, and move all the way to full control of the project’s cash management in a fiduciary position.
  • Bonding Determination – coordination with the contractors and sureties to review and arrange for various different bond structures to protect ownership and ensure ongoing payment and support of the project.
  • Payment Requisitions – processing of pay applications, integration with banking draws, management of supporting documents, and reporting to the ownership entity in a periodic capacity.
  • DRE Filings – create an itemized checklist of all relevant Department of Real Estate requirements and then track each of these items to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks as a project approaches its various tract map and condo permitting process.
  • Leasing Negotiation & Oversight – in addition to sourcing and procuring various potential tenants, Urban One can assist in the negotiations with said tenants to help facilitate the timely execution of each lease. Often we find that having a 3rd party intermediary is just the solution on sticky business points and legal items for each side.
  • Peer Review Analysis – review of existing documents, systems, processes, and materials for clients who might need a peer review of an existing partner, or in situations where a particular partner or vendor might have been relinquished of their duties or is unable to continue on with the project.

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