Urban One is dedicated to ensuring our projects contribute to wider development efforts that produce sustainable urban living throughout the Los Angeles region. In turn, we are committed to developing urban sites that enable individuals and families to adopt pedestrian lifestyles that embrace alternative transit options, reduce carbon emissions, and limit urban waste. We believe these key considerations will enable urban environments to provide for both current and future generations without compromising Los Angeles’ ability to absorb new residents.

Los Angeles Railway - 1938 Route Map
1938 Route Map for Los Angeles Railway (Electric Car and Bus Routes)

Urban One pays special attention to the long-term ecological impacts of our projects, and we strive to implement innovative, cost effective, energy-saving, and high-efficiency technologies that:

  • Utilize existing infrastructure
  • Limit urban waste
  • Enable green streets
  • Provide access to transit routes
  • Limit resource consumption
  • Restore and rehabilitate historic structures
  • Enable dense urban living
  • Foster a sense of community and neighborhood