Large plots of developable land are scarce in urban Los Angeles, yet many areas are interspersed with excellent infill and redevelopment opportunity sites. These underutilized and vacant parcels proliferate throughout the urban environment and create disjointed, disconnected, and incoherent streetfronts. Many of these sites, moreover, are situated within transitional districts that are primed for mixed-use residential, commercial, and retail development. Urban One is committed to turning these distressed sites into community assets, and we strive to develop urban infill projects that captivate and excite the imagination.

Urban One understands infill development often occurs in transitional communities and recognizes the need to ensure both existing and future families and businesses can call a community “home.” We believe a diverse community produces a multitude of intangible returns – in terms of entertainment, culture, food, etc. – that are hard to quantify, yet constitute critical pieces of long-term economic and community development.