2013 LABC Livable Communities Report: A Call to Action


Project Scope

2013 LABC Livable Communities Report
2013 LABC Livable Communities Report: A Call to Action

Following up with our 2012 work with with the Los Angeles Business Council, the premier business advocacy organization in Los Angeles County, Urban One co-authored the 2013 Livable Communities Report: A Call to Action with Paul Habibi of UCLA Anderson School of Management and Grayslake Advisors.

The 2013 Report expands upon the concepts of livability and Transit Corridor Development that were introduced in 2012, and proposes practical recommendations for policymakers to increase development of livable communities, specifically for workforce housing that is affordable to Los Angeles residents earning 50% to 120% of the Area Median Income.

The Report also introduces the Livable Community Opportunity Index – a composite index designed to enable public agencies and private developers to rate the market potential for transit station areas to support livable community development. The index looks at population, housing, employment, transit ridership, income, and land values to give practitioners a birds-eye view of neighborhoods and seek out and analyze opportunity sites to develop projects that are integrated into the Los Angeles region’s rapidly growing transit network.

Urban One seeks out opportunities for livable community development in our own projects, whether they are residential, commercial, or transportation opportunities. One of our core values for development is to create smart projects that connect with their surrounding context, and in Los Angeles, this increasingly means looking at creative ways to connect to transit assets. Urban One strives to pursue the recommendations contained within the 2013 Livable Communities Report, and we are excited about the traction the report has gained in local media and policy circles.

2013 LABC Livable Communities Report - Rendering by Gensler
Conceptual rendering by Gensler of potential livable mixed-use development at the Florence/La Brea Station of the future Crenshaw Line in Inglewood.



Project Summary

Client Los Angeles Business Council (LABC)
Location Los Angeles, California
Category/Emphasis Research/Thought Leadership
  • Research Assistance
  • Report Authoring
  • Transit, Development Expertise
Project Facts Report research & writing for business advocacy group. Interviewed numerous private stakeholders & public policymakers to make recommendations for how to best address Los Angeles’ housing needs while capitalizing on the region’s growing infrastructure.
Project Partner Paul Habibi, UCLA Anderson School of Business and Grayslake Advisors


Excerpt from LABC’s Website:

The Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) is renowned for its effective advocacy and educational programs throughout the region, and is a vital representative of business leaders from all industry sectors.  The LABC provides its members with strong conduits to local, state and federal officials through targeted policy recommendations and key issue briefings, and annually hosts the influential Mayoral Housing, Education and Sustainability Summits and Los Angeles Architectural Awards luncheon.

The LABC targets three key issue areas that are integral to our city’s economic competitiveness and quality of life:

     Energy & Environment
     Housing & Transportation
     Economic Development


The LABC has been impacting the Los Angeles business landscape for over 70 years. Originally founded as a West Los Angeles-based organization that facilitated the growth of the University of California Los Angeles’ burgeoning campus, the LABC quickly expanded its role in both education and advocacy.  In the process, the Council became an influential link between business and city government and has had a major impact on sustainability, workforce housing, transportation, job creation, education and business development policy.

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