Los Angeles Development Map

Top Housing and Hotel Developments to Watch For Right Now in LA

Some of you avid Urban One fans out there may have read our previous blog posts back at the end of May regarding the resurgence of the multifamily and retail real estate markets.  If you’re like me, you have been driving up and down the streets of Los Angeles seeing construction fencing, flagmen, tower cranes and pile driving rigs sprouting up on what seems like every couple blocks.  Of course, this is an exaggeration, but the truth is, many projects have broken ground in the past six months.  Curbed LA just put out a great map of multifamily, mixed-use, and hotel developments to look for right now.  Some are new projects, although the majority are older projects that have been on the sidelines ever since the market went south.  Now you can be well informed and impress your passenger(s) with your endless supply of real estate development knowledge and wisdom.

Check out the story here on Curbed LA, along with the map:

25 LA Housing and Hotel Developments to Watch Right Now


Los Angeles Developments Map
Los Angeles Housing & Hotel Developments
image courtesy of www.la.curbed.com


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